Christina+John_Wedding_Photo-frontpicOh what a wonderful, wonderful wedding this was. An adorable backyard wedding on a gorgeous evening. Christina + John couldn’t have asked for a better day. Funny thing about their love story is they actually both went to High School together. Christina a freshman and John a senior, tho they didn’t date then. It wasn’t until after High School that these two started their love connection.

As many years went by, they grew closer and closer in their relationship. All the way up to the point of talking about marriage, then eventually heading out the door to look at some rings. Luckily for them they found the perfect rings at their first stop! The owner asked if they were getting married and they cutely glanced at one another and said yes. After buying the rings they hopped in their car, John turned to Christina with a grin and said, “Let’s get married!”

A couple of months later and the two were getting hitched in Christina’s Mother’s backyard. Adorable!

Christina+John_Wedding_Photo-1 Christina+John_Wedding_Photo-2Christina+John_Wedding_Photo-3

Christina bought her dress and had a friend add the detailing around the collar, waist and hem. I love all the details she put into her wedding day.

Christina+John_Wedding_Photo-4Christina+John_Wedding_Photo-5 Christina+John_Wedding_Photo-6

I love when couples decide to do a first look. Each one is unique and C+J on the side of her mother’s home is no exception.

Christina+John_Wedding_Photo-7 Christina+John_Wedding_Photo-8 Christina+John_Wedding_Photo-9

Onto the cute backyard wedding!

Christina+John_Wedding_Photo-10 Christina+John_Wedding_Photo-11 Christina+John_Wedding_Photo-12 Christina+John_Wedding_Photo-13 Christina+John_Wedding_Photo-14 Christina+John_Wedding_Photo-15

Hehe, Christina having a few minor difficulties getting the ring on. :)Christina+John_Wedding_Photo-16

Such a beautiful moment where tears were building up.Christina+John_Wedding_Photo-17

That turned into happy moments realizing they were MARRIED!Christina+John_Wedding_Photo-18

Probably one of my favorite captures. Christina+John_Wedding_Photo-19

We then headed to a park nearby to find purple flowers along the pathway. Perfect! Since her wedding colors were purple hues.Christina+John_Wedding_Photo-20

Christina and her best friends.Christina+John_Wedding_Photo-21 Christina+John_Wedding_Photo-22 Christina+John_Wedding_Photo-23 Christina+John_Wedding_Photo-24 Christina+John_Wedding_Photo-25

Christina, you are gorgeous! Seriously.Christina+John_Wedding_Photo-26 Christina+John_Wedding_Photo-27 Christina+John_Wedding_Photo-28 Christina+John_Wedding_Photo-29 Christina+John_Wedding_Photo-30

John’s best man, Brice, followed us (to carry shoes, flowers, you know…girly things. ha!) and we snapped a few of them being silly boys. So fun.Christina+John_Wedding_Photo-31 Christina+John_Wedding_Photo-32 Christina+John_Wedding_Photo-33

This is where C+J go running and the lighting was perfect.Christina+John_Wedding_Photo-35 Christina+John_Wedding_Photo-36 Christina+John_Wedding_Photo-37 Christina+John_Wedding_Photo-38

Thank you so much C+J. You’re wedding was perfect and I am so glad I was able to capture it. Congratulations again!