Wichita-engagement-hannah+kendall-4.12.14-1I met Kendall at University a few years back. We had a class together and it just so happened to be our Paris trip. Talk about an awesome class!? We took in the sights, the art, and everything about Paris. It was a lot of fun and I’m glad I got to know him a bit more. When we came back I noticed a certain girl at an art show I had and it just so happened to be the lovely Hannah. Jump to a few years later and these two went on a date to Mead’s Corner where Kendall realized she was the one for him. So it was fitting to start the evening in the cozy café.


These two braved the windy Kansas weather with smiles on their faces.


Tucking them in a doorway to get a little break from the wind. hehe.Wichita-engagement-hannah+kendall-4.12.14-8Wichita-engagement-hannah+kendall-4.12.14-9Wichita-engagement-hannah+kendall-4.12.14-10

Hannah, you’ve got one smooth guy by your side. I loved how he would give her such beautiful kisses all evening. He really knows how to make his lady smile and feel good.Wichita-engagement-hannah+kendall-4.12.14-11Wichita-engagement-hannah+kendall-4.12.14-12

Kendall would give Hannah the sweetest looks throughout the evening. So cute!Wichita-engagement-hannah+kendall-4.12.14-13Wichita-engagement-hannah+kendall-4.12.14-14

And Hannah would give him sweet kisses.Wichita-engagement-hannah+kendall-4.12.14-15

There’s a little bit of an inside joke with the ladybug here. H+K worked together at Friends University and they would put this little windup ladybug in each others desks on random days in hopes it would go off and give the other a good laugh. :) I was so happy they brought a little piece of their story to their engagement session.Wichita-engagement-hannah+kendall-4.12.14-16Wichita-engagement-hannah+kendall-4.12.14-17

One of  their favorite books.Wichita-engagement-hannah+kendall-4.12.14-18Wichita-engagement-hannah+kendall-4.12.14-19Wichita-engagement-hannah+kendall-4.12.14-20

After a little drive we made our way to my favorite place in Wichita…with a view of a gorgeous sunset.


Gorgeous ring!! Good job Kendall!Wichita-engagement-hannah+kendall-4.12.14-23Wichita-engagement-hannah+kendall-4.12.14-24Wichita-engagement-hannah+kendall-4.12.14-25

Oh you two.Wichita-engagement-hannah+kendall-4.12.14-26Wichita-engagement-hannah+kendall-4.12.14-27

I decided right before their session to grab my new Instax Mini 8. They were happy to let me try it out on them.


Another fun little insight to their love story. They are both Calvin + Hobbs fans and Hannah made this little guy for Kendall. So good Hannah!


Sweet snuggles and kisses.Wichita-engagement-hannah+kendall-4.12.14-30Wichita-engagement-hannah+kendall-4.12.14-31Wichita-engagement-hannah+kendall-4.12.14-32Wichita-engagement-hannah+kendall-4.12.14-33


I turned to get this shot of them and was absolute giddy when I saw the mood was perfectly above them. If you know me, you know I love the moon!Wichita-engagement-hannah+kendall-4.12.14-38

Hannah + Kendall, I am so thrilled for you both and cannot wait for your summer wedding!