Part two is here! Check out part one then come back for the ceremony and reception photos!

Let’s begin with these guest book cards again shall we? Everyone loved them and had so much fun writing their congrats to the happy couple.


Last minute fixes before they go on stage. :)Hannah+Kendall-7.19.14-43

Let the ceremony begin! Even tho H+K had a first look, they still had a few butterflies hiding in their tummies for this moment. The ceremony where they become husband and wife!Hannah+Kendall-7.19.14-46 Hannah+Kendall-7.19.14-47Hannah+Kendall-7.19.14-48

Hannah’s Dad giving Kendall the “take care of my daughter” look. :)Hannah+Kendall-7.19.14-49Hannah+Kendall-7.19.14-50 Hannah+Kendall-7.19.14-51

Mixing the sand symbolizing the blending of their marriage.Hannah+Kendall-7.19.14-52 Hannah+Kendall-7.19.14-53

I think Kendall was very happy to finally kiss his lady!Hannah+Kendall-7.19.14-55

Mr and Mrs!!!Hannah+Kendall-7.19.14-56

We snuck away for a few minutes to get some newly married photos.Hannah+Kendall-7.19.14-57 Hannah+Kendall-7.19.14-58

Hannah, you are so beautiful!Hannah+Kendall-7.19.14-59 Hannah+Kendall-7.19.14-60

Reception time!Hannah+Kendall-7.19.14-61Hannah+Kendall-7.19.14-42Hannah+Kendall-7.19.14-62 Hannah+Kendall-7.19.14-63

Hannah thanking so many people who made their wedding day a success. I love it when Brides do this.Hannah+Kendall-7.19.14-64

Beautiful speeches from each of their wedding party.Hannah+Kendall-7.19.14-65Hannah+Kendall-7.19.14-66 Hannah+Kendall-7.19.14-67

After the cake, toasts, bouquet toss, H+K wanted the rest of the time to be mingling with friends and family.Hannah+Kendall-7.19.14-68 Hannah+Kendall-7.19.14-69Hannah+Kendall-7.19.14-70

Even tho they were talking to everyone, I would still see them sneak smiles at one another. So sweet!Hannah+Kendall-7.19.14-71Hannah+Kendall-7.19.14-72 Hannah+Kendall-7.19.14-73

A quick change and they are off to their honeymoon!Hannah+Kendall-7.19.14-74 Hannah+Kendall-7.19.14-75

A pink surprise for them as they started their car. hehe!Hannah+Kendall-7.19.14-76 Hannah+Kendall-7.19.14-77Hannah+Kendall-7.19.14-78

Congrats Hannah and Kendall!!

Venue: First Mennonite Brethren Church

Florist: Dean’s Design, Erica Lucas

Dress: Celebrations of the Heart

Makeup/Hair: Progressions Salon

Sweets/Cake: Cheri’s Bakery

Photographer: Delicate Dots