What a beautiful day for a wedding! Hannah + Kendall‘s wedding took place on a gorgeous 75 degree July day. Hannah couldn’t of been more giddy to get the day started and I couldn’t of been more giddy when I saw what her guest book was! haha! These two love reading and it was evident throughout their decor. I loved the handmade, hand-stamped library cards for people to write their congratulations to the happy couple. So unique!

Hannah+Kendall-7.19.14-03 Hannah+Kendall-7.19.14-04 Hannah+Kendall-7.19.14-05

The simple and beautiful reception decor suited H+K quiet well. Book and plants, what more could they ask for. :)Hannah+Kendall-7.19.14-08 Hannah+Kendall-7.19.14-09 Hannah+Kendall-7.19.14-10 Hannah+Kendall-7.19.14-11Hannah+Kendall-7.19.14-07

Kendall getting ready for his big day!Hannah+Kendall-7.19.14-12 Hannah+Kendall-7.19.14-13

Hannah’s beautiful dress.Hannah+Kendall-7.19.14-06Hannah+Kendall-7.19.14-14

Bridesmaids making sure every detail is in place.Hannah+Kendall-7.19.14-15

So cute Hannah!Hannah+Kendall-7.19.14-16 Hannah+Kendall-7.19.14-17

Another favorite First Look that I have witnessed. These two were all smiles the whole time! It was amazing to watch and to be able to capture these sweet sweet moments.Hannah+Kendall-7.19.14-18

LOVE!Hannah+Kendall-7.19.14-19 Hannah+Kendall-7.19.14-20

H+K told me that in crowded areas they will “heart” one another from across the room. Adorable. So I had to get a few photos of them doing just that. :)Hannah+Kendall-7.19.14-21 Hannah+Kendall-7.19.14-22

These flowers!?!!! Can we take a moment to ohh and ahh over how wonderful they are!? (link to who made them at the end of the post).Hannah+Kendall-7.19.14-23

The beautiful and handsome wedding party!Hannah+Kendall-7.19.14-24

I love love love these flowers. Thank you Hannah for wanting sometime unique and different for your day. I think you got it! And for your beautiful faces, you girls are so adorable. Sidenote: it’s always fun to see my past brides as bridesmaids (and Rachel was in Amy’s wedding too! So double got to see her!).Hannah+Kendall-7.19.14-25 Hannah+Kendall-7.19.14-26Hannah+Kendall-7.19.14-27

Kendall and his fellas.Hannah+Kendall-7.19.14-28 Hannah+Kendall-7.19.14-29

We got lucky with the cloudy day because that meant we could pretty much go anywhere and there wouldn’t be crazy harsh lighting. Tho the sun did peak out a few times, it didn’t matter to H+K because they were clearly preoccupied and doting over one another. :)Hannah+Kendall-7.19.14-30 Hannah+Kendall-7.19.14-31 Hannah+Kendall-7.19.14-32

Kendall is so sweet on Hannah. You could tell he wanted to kiss her, but they decided to make the first kiss of marriage to be even more special, so they opted to not kiss before the ceremony (don’t worry, we snuck away after ceremony to get some kissy photos, hehe).Hannah+Kendall-7.19.14-33 Hannah+Kendall-7.19.14-34Hannah+Kendall-7.19.14-35Hannah+Kendall-7.19.14-37

I love it when the bride and groom want outdoor family photos!  Hannah+Kendall-7.19.14-38


One more of this gorgeous duo: Hannah and her flowers. :)Hannah+Kendall-7.19.14-41

Stay tuned for Part II later today!

Venue: First Mennonite Brethren Church

Florist: Dean’s Design, Erica Lucas

Dress: Celebrations of the Heart

Makeup/Hair: Progressions Salon

Sweets/Cake: Cheri’s Bakery

Photographer: Delicate Dots