Senior sessions are so fun and Caleb was no exception! He came ready to have fun and he rocked it! We began downtown and made our way to the parking garage. Who knew parking garages could be so cool!

caleb-10.26.14-01 caleb-10.26.14-02 caleb-10.26.14-03

When I met with Caleb and his mom he showed me his new tattoo he had got and asked if we would get photos of it during his session. I was like, “Heck yes we will! As long as you are down for some t-shirt photos when it most likely will be really cold out?” He was, but it didn’t matter because on his session date (end of October) it was 90 degrees! Oh Kansas.caleb-10.26.14-05

Caleb wore his favorite KISS shirt of his parents and brought along his favorite music. I love it when seniors bring a part of them to their session.caleb-10.26.14-06 caleb-10.26.14-07caleb-10.26.14-08 caleb-10.26.14-09 caleb-10.26.14-10

Now onto the Nature Center and a few of Caleb’s favorite books. I really like his selection!caleb-10.26.14-11 caleb-10.26.14-12

Probably my most favorite outfit.caleb-10.26.14-13

And my favorite photo of the evening!caleb-10.26.14-14 caleb-10.26.14-15 caleb-10.26.14-16

A few shots of him in his Emporia State shirt. Soon to be his new school!caleb-10.26.14-17 caleb-10.26.14-18 caleb-10.26.14-19caleb-10.26.14-20

He sure knew how to rock all of his poses. Making my job super easy. :)caleb-10.26.14-21 caleb-10.26.14-22 caleb-10.26.14-23 caleb-10.26.14-24

Thank you Caleb! You were a lot of fun to photograph and your mom was wonderful to have there all evening too!