Hey look, snow! And my good friends, Travis + Chelsea! Kansas got a wonderful surprise Sunday morning with some beautiful snow. I was so giddy that I knew I had to take some photos of it. I went out and took a few of the snow, but really wanted to take photos of people in the snow. I messaged my friends and they were all for snowy photos together. I drove over, we bundled up, and headed out.


These two are pretty darn adorable.Travis+Chelsea-11.16.14-03

I love the fall colors of the leaves mixed with the snow.Travis+Chelsea-11.16.14-04Travis+Chelsea-11.16.14-05

Travis is so good at making people laugh and he really knows how to make his gal giggle. Chelsea you are too cute!Travis+Chelsea-11.16.14-06 Travis+Chelsea-11.16.14-07

I told them to walk walk over there and dance. They are such good listeners. :)Travis+Chelsea-11.16.14-08Travis+Chelsea-11.16.14-09Travis+Chelsea-11.16.14-10 Travis+Chelsea-11.16.14-11 Travis+Chelsea-11.16.14-12

One of my favorites, even tho it isn’t totally in focus. :)Travis+Chelsea-11.16.14-13Travis+Chelsea-11.16.14-14

“I don’t know what to do with my hands!”- Chelsea

Well, that’s better. haha! My friends are awesome.Travis+Chelsea-11.16.14-15 Travis+Chelsea-11.16.14-16 Travis+Chelsea-11.16.14-17

Our fingers and toes were frozen so we made our way to Reverie for some hot chocolate. Mmm!Travis+Chelsea-11.16.14-18 Travis+Chelsea-11.16.14-19 Travis+Chelsea-11.16.14-20 Travis+Chelsea-11.16.14-21 Travis+Chelsea-11.16.14-22 Travis+Chelsea-11.16.14-23

So good!Travis+Chelsea-11.16.14-24Travis+Chelsea-11.16.14-25 Travis+Chelsea-11.16.14-26

Thanks, Travis + Chelsea for braving the cold snow and taking some photos with me. You guys rock!