Hello all! Today I share with you Victoria + Tanner’s absolutely beautiful wedding. They got married in a quaint little park in Pratt, KS surrounded by friends, family, and the most gorgeous weather ever. I am so happy I was able to be there to witness such a wonderful couple get married and capture it all with my camera. Here are some of the photos I took that day. Enjoy!


Fresh flowers everywhere!v+t-wedding-blog-02 v+t-wedding-blog-03 v+t-wedding-blog-04

v+t-wedding-blog-05 v+t-wedding-blog-06 v+t-wedding-blog-07

A friend of Victoria’s wood burned/engraved their initials on this adorable piece of wood. I had to grab it from the reception hall to take the ring shots.v+t-wedding-blog-08 v+t-wedding-blog-09 v+t-wedding-blog-10 v+t-wedding-blog-11 v+t-wedding-blog-12

First look! Eek!v+t-wedding-blog-13 v+t-wedding-blog-14 v+t-wedding-blog-15 v+t-wedding-blog-16

I was smitten with the color palette of this wedding. I mean…come on…gorgeous!v+t-wedding-blog-17 v+t-wedding-blog-21

Victoria with her ladies.v+t-wedding-blog-18 v+t-wedding-blog-19

Tanner with his fellas.v+t-wedding-blog-20v+t-wedding-blog-22

The girl side of the wedding party. The flower girls were so precious!v+t-wedding-blog-24

Even this one. ha! She gave me so much spunk while taking photos. Made us all laugh a lot. :)v+t-wedding-blog-25

We snuck away for a few photos in the greenery. Love these!v+t-wedding-blog-23

The ceremony in the park was decorated beautifully, but most importantly it was filled with family and friends waiting to see Victoria and Tanner get married.v+t-wedding-blog-26 v+t-wedding-blog-27 v+t-wedding-blog-28v+t-wedding-blog-29 v+t-wedding-blog-30

This here 1950’s Willy Truck was what V+T drove off on after the ceremony.v+t-wedding-blog-31

We then stopped for a few photos of them in and around it until we headed off to the reception. v+t-wedding-blog-32 v+t-wedding-blog-33

Sweet toasts from V’s sister and T’s best man.v+t-wedding-blog-34 v+t-wedding-blog-35

Oyi! I loved the dance floor that was held outside. Big ol’ tree, hanging lights, flowers, friends. Amazing!v+t-wedding-blog-36v+t-wedding-blog-37

The partied all night and had a fantastic wedding day.v+t-wedding-blog-38

Thank you V+T for having me be a part of this big day. I wish you all the happiness and I hope you enjoy your photos as you relive that special day.

This was a perfect wedding to end my wedding career on. I could not of asked for such a wonderful couple like Victoria and Tanner and their friends and family. They made me feel so welcomed and loved even tho they had never met me before. Thank you all for your wonderful kindness.

For future brides looking for a photographer, have no fear, I am still 2nd shooting with other local photographers, so I’m still taking beautiful wedding photos, just not as the lead photographer. :) So hit me up if you need some recommendations.