Travis + Chelsea | Wichita, KS

  • November 19, 2014


Hey look, snow! And my good friends, Travis + Chelsea! Kansas got a wonderful surprise Sunday morning with some beautiful snow. I was so giddy that I knew I had to take some photos of it. I went out and took a few of the snow, but really wanted to take photos of people in the snow. I messaged my friends and they were all for snowy photos together. I drove over, we bundled up, and headed out.


These two are pretty darn adorable.Travis+Chelsea-11.16.14-03

I love the fall colors of the leaves mixed with the snow.Travis+Chelsea-11.16.14-04Travis+Chelsea-11.16.14-05

Luton Family | Wichita, KS

  • November 9, 2014


I was thrilled when my friend Jill asked me to take her new family of three photos. She’s an amazing photographer and I am so happy she asked me.I walked in their beautiful home to meet miss Isla Rose for the first time. She is 17 days old in these photos and oh so adorable! To see Jill + Josh adore her was beautiful to capture.

Be prepared for an abundance of cuteness! You’ve been warned. :)

luton-family-11.1.14-02 luton-family-11.1.14-03 luton-family-11.1.14-04 luton-family-11.1.14-05

Caleb | Wichita, KS Senior

  • November 9, 2014


Senior sessions are so fun and Caleb was no exception! He came ready to have fun and he rocked it! We began downtown and made our way to the parking garage. Who knew parking garages could be so cool!

caleb-10.26.14-01 caleb-10.26.14-02 caleb-10.26.14-03

Jessica | Wichita, KS

  • October 30, 2014

Jessica-10.21.14-blog-frontpicI met Jessica a long while ago. Back when we thought we were cool to wear our glasses over our faces and pretend to be cousin it…oh wait…we did that again at her session last week! ha! For as long as I can remember, Jessica has always put a smile on peoples faces and given them a good laugh. She is naturally funny and adorable head to toe. I was very excited when she asked me to take some “head shots” for her. You see, she was recently interviewed by Jedd Beaudoin of KMUW and they asked for her to send them her head shot. She then realized she didn’t have any and I swooped in to save the day. :) We did a mixture of crazy, funny, pretty, and all around Jessica! Enjoy!

Jessica-10.21.14-blog-01Jessica-10.21.14-blog-02 Jessica-10.21.14-blog-03 Jessica-10.21.14-blog-04

Nicole | Wichita, KS Senior

  • October 26, 2014


Hello! Meet Nicole. Well, you’ve already met her and her family a few months back here, but she’s here again today gracing the blog. Nicole is a Senior at Rose Hill High (whoot whoot! I graduated from there too), where she plays the euphonium, rocks it in the school plays, and is all around adorable.

Our evening began with a very cloudy and windy Kansas kind of a day, but Nicole rocked it and we got some really cool photos. We started downtown before we ended up at the Great Plains Nature Center.


So stylish.nicole-senior-10.12.14-03