Closing up “shop”

  • January 9, 2015

This is going to be a bittersweet post. The short version is that I am getting out of the photography business. Continue reading if you want to know why.

I have been doing my photography business for a while, but it has never been super successful financially, mostly because I’ve not been able to attract enough clients. I’ve tried a bunch of different things (lower prices, higher prices, advertising, etc.) and nothing really changed. I love taking photos and working with all the wonderful clients that I’ve had the chance to work with, but it’s just not working out business-wise. So it’s been a long time coming, I think, but today it’s official; I am no longer accepting new clients.

Current clients, rest assured we’re still going to make beautiful photos together. Nothing changes for you. Now I get to focus my energy on making your sessions the best they can possibly be and on new adventures, both personally and professionally.

I will always remember the good times I had while photographing all of my clients. I’ve made new friends and reconnected with old ones through photography. It’s been a fun ride with good memories, such as:

The time Andrea’s father built a bridge to a tiny island in his lake for his daughter to get married on to Jacob.


Being a part of Carley’s lifelong wish of being married at her grandparents farm to the wonderful Spencer.



All of the beautiful bouquets of my brides, especially Hannah’s (girl, that was an amazing bouquet).


Even tho it was hot and bugs were flying up our noses, Amy + Matt were troopers and took sunset photos on their wedding day.

bittersweet-8 bittersweet-9

Using my past soccer skills, to run backwards with all my equipment to get these amazing shots of Caitlin + David’s sparkler and rose petal send off.

bittersweet-10 bittersweet-11

Photographing my childhood friend, Erica’s wedding to Brandon was magical.


Sneaking away for a few minutes to get even more gorgeous photos with Katie + Kaleb.


The cutest backyard wedding of childhood friend, Christina to John, bringing her back into my life.

bittersweet-14 bittersweet-15

The glorious 80 degree January wedding of Alyssa + Colin was mighty fine.

bittersweet-16 bittersweet-17

The elopement turned into a family session of Sarah + Mike. How wonderful to have your family there for such a special day!

bittersweet-18 bittersweet-19

Meeting Rachel + Kevin and finding all the things we have in common still keep us friends. So happy I photographed your wedding!


The vineyard wedding of Tirzah + Bob that got me my first newborn session. Your family is adorable and I am so happy I got to document not only your wedding, but your family as well.

bittersweet-22 bittersweet-23

Laura + Brandon, you were my first wedding that wasn’t a family member (lol). Thank you for having me document your day.


And many more!

To all the couples when I first started, thank you for believing in me and having patience as I was learning my new craft. I couldn’t have done it without you.

To all the seniors and families, I have many great memories of you all too! (didn’t want to have a crazy long post, so I’ll omit the photos)

To my family and friends for letting me practice on, I’ll still be taking photos of you for years to come. :)

And a HUGE thank you to Jackie Cooper. I remember that day we met for breakfast to see if you would take me on as an intern. I was so nervous, but hopeful that I could work and learn from you. And boy did I! Thank you for taking me on and teaching me all that I needed to know. You are an amazing photographer and I am so glad we worked together and are still friends. Thank you!

And lastly, Tanner, you have been through it all with me. From my beginners mistakes, to my triumphs, to this time now as you held me in your arms as I asked if this was the right thing for me to do. You have always been there and supported me and were my number one fan. Thank you. So very very much. Thank you.

I’m not gone forever from the internet world, you can follow my adventures on my personal blog

Nicole | Wichita, KS Senior

  • October 26, 2014


Hello! Meet Nicole. Well, you’ve already met her and her family a few months back here, but she’s here again today gracing the blog. Nicole is a Senior at Rose Hill High (whoot whoot! I graduated from there too), where she plays the euphonium, rocks it in the school plays, and is all around adorable.

Our evening began with a very cloudy and windy Kansas kind of a day, but Nicole rocked it and we got some really cool photos. We started downtown before we ended up at the Great Plains Nature Center.


So stylish.nicole-senior-10.12.14-03

Carley + Spencer | Wichita, KS Engagement

  • May 23, 2014


Carley and Spencer met at Sterling University where their love story begins. But I want to talk about their engagement and the proposal that Spencer put together (with the help of friends). Now, before we begin you need to know that Spencer had bought the ring summer of 2013 and his little sister kind of spilled the beans to Carley! Oh no! But that didn’t stop Spencer from wanting to surprise his lovely lady. They planned a trip to Colorado in October. They drove up and the next morning at 7:30 they got up so Spencer could go to his favorite restaurant. Carley, not being a morning person, went anyways knowing it was his favorite place to eat. Spencer had previously worked it out with some friends to take photos for when he proposed (I die! I love it when the guys understand the importance of documenting big moments, but back to story). They ate their food and walked outside where Spencer saw his friends and afraid Carley would see them and figure it all out, but Carley was too busy laughing at a sign that gave her the giggles. Whew…oblivious to it all Carley was. :)

They walked around this pond to a gazebo and handed her a small Hedgewick Owl, her favorite, and she noticed a zipper. She unzipped it to find a snitch, loved it and smiled. He asked her if she was going to open it. She did and found a ring and a note that said will you marry me? Spencer began saying his sweet words to his love that he forgot to actually propose out loud! Carley giggled and asked, “Are you going to propose?” They laughed, Spencer got down on one knee and proposed out loud. :) Congrats you two! Now onto the photos.